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Kristine Andrea Morrow fine artist, who paints in Calgary Alberta, Scottsdale Arizona, New York City

"If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney’s words may very well set the stage of Kristine Andrea’s life.  Born in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Kristine first put pencil to paper at age 9, bringing art to life on the page. Though she enjoyed the success that winning art competitions brought, Kristine’s motivation came from the pure fascination of bringing images to life through paint or pencil.

"My high school teacher was one of my biggest fans and did his best to mentor me towards becoming a professional artist and to continue on to University.  He kept most of my work when I graduated, to share with students (actually I think he kept all of it). I remember selling my first art piece to my high school Home Economics teacher. It was called Chocolate Milk: a color pencil drawing. A silhouette of a Holstein cow stood against a background of their black & white cow markings, however the white was chocolate brown. I remember her telling me she loved my work and that she knew one day my art would be world known." 

Kristine didn’t go on to study art in University. During high school, she managed a flower shop and fell in love with the elegance of creating exquisite and beautiful floral arrangements. Once again she breathed inspiration into life. She continued to manage the flower shop after high school, with the intention of saving enough money to continue on to University and the pursuit of art studies. 

Over time, and through the cultivation of relationships in her small town, Kristine moved on to decorating homes, then developing and managing hotels. Her sense of graceful and simple design continued to flow into her work, as did her entrepreneurial gifts and meticulous attention to detail.  Kristine’s years of experience led her to the truly stunning Azuridge Estate Hotel in Priddis, south of Calgary, Alberta: the perfect canvas for Kristine’s abundant creativity, and the spark to reignite her passion for art.

"During my career at Azuridge, I began bringing in various local artists to showcase their work at the hotel. I felt envious of the ones who pursued their art careers full-time however that envy inspired me to join an art class. I remember the first piece I painted: a wild yellow orchid. Although there had been times over the years where I had painted or drawn, it was the first time I said to myself, I need to fulfill this desire. This childhood dream." 

Art is the quintessential response to Walt Disney’s statement, bringing thought into form, dream into life.  Let Kristine Andrea’s dream inspire and inform your life.


Kristine Andrea Morrow Canadian artist who paints horses, roosters, abstracts, modern landscapes,

Kristine is thrilled to share her passion with you and the world! She's fascinated with people's creativity and the various arts; from culinary artisans to painters...    "Life without Art would be dull!" 

She truly enjoys painting and creating for people's individual spaces, to set a mood and bring togetherness.  

"My mission is to create art pieces with intention... emotional connectedness... and to enhance a space." 

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Kristine Andrea artist paints in her Calgary Studio.  Paints realism, impressionist, painterly style

My imagination is my playground. I am always dreaming up new inspiration for the canvas. From playful Chicks and Cocks to bold abstracts and majestic horses; my imagination knows no bounds. I don’t think I’ll ever stop exploring life on the canvas. 

I'm drawn to the movement and emotion from animals and floral, but I also practice abstract, portraits, and figurative. When possible, I prefer to move the paint through my fingers rather than my brush. I love creating timeless, evocative, art pieces.  




Abstract has always been a mystery to me... I'm curious what people are drawn too.  

The colors... movement? The story behind the painting?  Why is Abstract so attractive?

It's interesting because it took me awhile to get the nerve to begin painting this freely.  When I began my first piece I couldn't help but paint with my fingers.  I felt more connected to the canvas, I could feel the movement of the colours and blending.  And now all these pieces I've painted are with my hands (with gloves of course ha-ha!).  



This series of adorable animals began when I painted Crazy Agnes, the chicken, for my kitchen. She was so much fun to paint that I decided to create a series of animals that will add humour, color and character to any space. If you have a favourite animal or pet you would like painted, I would be honoured to capture their character for your home or business space.

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Interestingly, horse was the one animal I didn't think I would paint. My family, however, loves horses and so I decided to explore their form on canvas. It began with this horse. I started painting aryclic abstract on 48"x72" canvas and it evolved into this elegant creature, who now adorns our dining room. I fell in love with the movement and emotions of the horse and I continue to add their energy to the collection. It's no wonder this animal is considered one of the most majestic, strong and beautiful.



I adore flowers: their grace, beauty and intoxicating fragrance. I paint them with both Acrylic and Oils, depending on the feel and emotion of the flower. I love how easily they enhance a space, whether in a painting or a fresh bouquet. Every home should have some kind of floral within it.   

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Simplistic & beauty best describes this collection of black & white watercolour drawings.  Again my intention for this collection was to create a couple pieces for my home and doing so I began creating various pieces for my up coming sale at the Leighton Art Show.  Please feel free to contact me for custom pieces you may like for gifts this holidays season.  




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