The world of art is not a world of immortality but of metamorphosis. ~André Malraux

For Kristine, creating this collection has been an inspiring journey where she falls more in love with her creations and education process each day. Daily meditations and visualizations inspire clarity of the message and details for each piece she creates.

"It fascinates me how much the bee has been worshiped and admired by cultures and educators for thousands of years. The bee is truly magical." 

As the Queen Bee Collection evolves, new ideas are brought to life on canvas.  Please visit this page regularly to see the collection's newest additions.  She's adding new pieces each week. 


The goddess of bees and bee keepers. She surrenders to our mighty honey bee and feeds them sweetness and positive vibes. 

The queen bee serves her community hive by having sex with forty male bees daily.

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 72x58



Egyptian warrior goddess, veiled goddess.  The first century historian, Lucius Mestrius Plutarchus, noted the inscription on Neith’s temple called 'House of the Bee': 

I am All That Has Been, That Is, and That Will Be. No mortal has yet been able to lift the veil that covers Me.

Neith, in a metamorphosis state in order to see the queen bee’s point of view.  Veiled, she keeps her transformation sacred.

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 40x18



Heroine and prophetess, whose name means bee.  She speaks her mind.  Her powerful voice pollinates the universe, demanding change and stirring her followers to action.

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 24x24



She who sees through bees. She is deeply saddened by how the world is treating our earth.  She’s overwhelmed by how much harder her precious bees must work.

Dolorous definition;  feeling or expressing great sorrow or distress.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 16X16



Be aware of your surroundings, listen and pay attention to your spiritual messages and signs.  

The Bee has been referenced as a wise spiritual messenger.

Medium:  Acrylic on canvas

Size: 16X16




H.ope for our “helpless hands”

E.ducate our “helpless hands” 

L.ove our “helpless hands” 

P.rotect our “helpless hands” 

Our children’s future depends on us to help flourish the bee population. During my research I found one common thread from bee keepers and bee enthusiasts... we can HELP by planting more flowers.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 16x16



Everything is in a state of metamorphosis. Thou thyself art in everlasting change and in corruption to correspond; so is the whole universe. 

~Marcus Aurelius


In a December 2018 art show in the heart of Soho New York, Kristine featured three pieces: Admiration, Love and Nectar. The theme was "The Next Step", and the artists were asked to provide their perception on environmental, political, and social views. Kristine was excited and clear on her message.
Her concept for the "The Next Step" was inspired by women leading and nurturing our ever-changing world. Together, with the powerful honey bee, they are creating promise for “The Next Step” on Earth.  
Albert Einstein once said, “If the bees disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have 4 years left to live.” 
Bee symbolism is rich with sensuality, nectar, community, and the Goddess."I believe there’s a huge shift happening with all aspects of our world and I’m certain that women will be the Next Step to these positive transformations. Thankfully, the population of women leaders is rapidly growing  and creating positive change to our universe.” ~Kristine Andrea
Kristine is currently working on the Queen Bee Collection at her Calgary Studio, and she returning to New York this March to feature Mellonia in the Grand Opening of NYA Gallery in Tribeca.   

"The Next Step" group art show in New York City

"The Next Step" group art show in New York City


admiration for the honey bee, Queen Bee art collection featured in New York City. Abstract eye art

It’s humbling how dependent we are on this amazing nurturer, the honey bee.  Next time you see a bee, stand back and admire the beauty, grace and sweetness they bring to human kind.

Symbolizes: Awareness . worship . Empathy


Love kissing the mighty honey bee wrt piece featured in the Queen Bee Collection artwork NYC

Love and adore the mighty 

beautiful honey bee.  Cherish each 

and every single one. 

Symbolizes: Love . Devotion .  Salute

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Nectar from the women goddess, nurture the honey bee, mother these creatures, powerful art paintings

Nurture on desperate measures… mother these creatures. Mothers provide "nectar" (milk) to nourish our littles ones.  

 Symbolizes: Power . Vulnerability . Noble